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Swimming Pool Care

Pool Opening/Pool Closing

Get started on the right foot with our pool opening service. We will remove and store the cover on property, brush pool surfaces, install ladders and rails, assemble pumps and filters, system startup, test water chemistry (chemicals additional), and we include one power vacuum (additional vacuum services may be needed).

When your pool needs to be closed properly to help prevent damage from freezing temperatures during the winter we are just a phone call away. We will clean your pool thoroughly, remove all deck equipment, test & balance water, dewater the plumbing & filtration systems, winterize heater (if applicable), and install your winter cover.

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Weekly Maintenance

Enjoy your summer with family and friends, not cleaning and balancing your pool! Let us take care of your pool on a weekly basis to ensure proper water chemistry and peace of mind. Our weekly maintenance includes vacuuming, skimming, brushing, testing & balancing water, cleaning all baskets, backwashing filter when needed, and inspecting equipment. (Chemicals are not included and are charged as needed).

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Vinyl Liner Replacement

Time for a new liner? East End Pool King can help you pick the perfect liner to enhance your backyard aesthetics and install the liner in just one day (with water trucks). Give us a call for an estimate.

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Tile and Marbledusting

When your gunite pool is in need of some TLC we offer consultation on a wide array of tile options and pool surface finishes. We are skilled in meeting your needs from design to installation and happy to help from a simple marbledust to a full renovation.

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Leak Detection

What appears to be a harmless minor leak and something you might just want to overlook can be costing you quite a bit of money. As your pool is losing water you are also losing heat, chemicals, and the water which could add up to tens of thousands of gallons over a season.

Depending where the leak is it could compromise the soils under your patio and cause sinking of the patio material. Leak detection is not an easy task. East End Pool King has invested thousands of dollars into new leak detection equipment and many hours into studying best practices to be able to bring resolution to the mystery of a pesky leak.

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Filter Cleaning Service

A sparkling pool depends heavily on filtration! To keep your pool operating properly, your filtration system should be serviced at least twice a year. We will perform a comprehensive servicing of your filtration system by disassembling and cleaning the unit, examining the system for any defects, and making repairs or replacements as needed. Depending on the type of filtration system, the filter media will be cleaned, replaced, or backwashed as necessary.

  • Filters capture debris, pollen, oils, organic material, sun screen, and soap scum.
  • Cleaning the filter media will prolong it’s lifespan
  • Clean filters allow the water to push through your system at the proper flow rate which will enhance efficiency of pool equipment

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Acid Wash

If the interior surface of your pool (the plaster, tile or aggregate finish) is stained or discolored, an acid wash may be recommended. This chemical process cleans algae and other organic or non-organic materials off the plaster and can have it looking like new in no time.

Due to the caustic nature of muriatic acid, only professionals should do this. This service normally requires a drain down of the pool, and must be scheduled in advance. We will drain your pool, acid wash, neutralize the acid, and refill pool.

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Equipment Upgrades

The best way to SAVE MONEY is to have the most efficient equipment and plumbing for your pool! Whether it’s upgrading plumbing to rigid PVC that is equal to or greater than 2 inches in diameter, installing variable speed pumps, heat pumps, or UV or ozone sanitizers, we can optimize your pool to run more efficiently.

We can make your fresh water pool salt water! And don’t forget the wonders of automation linked right to your smart phone. With the click of a button turn lights on, have the heater warming the pool while you are on your way home from work or headed out for the weekend! Automatic covers are the latest and greatest when it comes to heat retention, chemical retention, and reduction in water loss due to evaporation and most importantly safety!

Call and we can send a consultant to perform a thorough pool audit and offer suggestions to make pool ownership even easier and less expensive.

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